Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Why We Love Online Voting Tools (And You Should, Too!)

Making the switch to online voting can prompt some understandable concerns. Voters who are used to physical ballots may wonder what happens to votes that are collected and tallied with the help of online voting software. But as the advantages of online voting tools quickly reveal themselves, your voters will love online voting as much as we do.

Online Voting Is Convenient for Organizations and Voters

You can set up and distribute ballots in minutes, rather than the days or weeks it can take to get ballots printed and mailed or completed at a polling location. OpaVote's ballots are easy to read and voters can vote from any device at any location.

Online Voting Is Flexible 

OpaVote's ballot options include instant runoff and the single transferable vote, which yield results that better represent the preferences of voters. Our voting pages include images and links so that voters considering whether to approve a new stadium can get a last look at a computer model. OpaVote's election packages offer a polling span from a few days to many weeks, so there's always time for voters to get to the polls.

Online Voting Is Accurate

Online voting means that ballots are never misplaced or miscounted. Here at OpaVote, we're experts in voting software and our voting platform increases voter participation and explicitly asks voters to confirm their ballot to reduce voter error.

Online Voting Is Secure

OpaVote prevents any tampering or manipulation of the votes. Your ballots will only be sent to those who your organization authorizes. With our encrypted voting pages and security measures protecting voter information, your election will be safer and more reliable than ever before.

Online Voting is Affordable

Our online voting package including ballots for 100 voters is $5. The cost of printing and mailing 100 ballots can be over $100, including envelopes, return labels, postage, and your time. Your organization's budget will win in any election you run with online voting.

If your voters are used to voting in political elections, they're used to interacting with voting software, even if they're not used to voting from their computer or mobile device. The convenience and security of online voting will help convince reluctant voters, and they will love online voting as much as we do!