Friday, June 9, 2017

Elections in español, français, and português!

Flag of Argentina Flag of Brazil Flag of France Flag of Mexico OpaVote gets customers from all around the world who want to do online voting in many different languages. Previously, when election managers provided text in their own language, voters would see a mix of their own language and English.

We are excited to announce that OpaVote now fully supports elections in Spanish, French, and Portuguese! When setting up the election, the manager can choose his or her language, and this will cause OpaVote to send voting emails in that language and also present voting pages in that language. Your voters will see only their own language.

Here are some statistics I found regarding the number of people who speak a language (including non-native speakers):
  • 510 million who speak English
  • 420 million who speak Spanish
  • 213 million who speak Portuguese
  • 130 million who speak French
With this update, we've more than doubled the number of voters who can use OpaVote entirely in their own language.

These are the top candidates for future languages to be added to OpaVote:
  • 1 billion speak Chinese
  • 255 million speak Russian
  • 230 million speak Arabic
  • 229 million speak German
  • 127 million speak Japanese
I've left off Hindi and Punjabi because I'm thinking many of these people speak English.  Let me know if I should add those to the list as well.